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How To Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

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Christmas crackers are a festive favourite in Great Britain. Crackers displayed in the shops, can be an expensive buy, and some just look really tacky. If you don’t want spend loads of money, on “luxury Christmas crackers”, you can actually make your own. In simple terms, a Christmas cracker is just a tube with gifts stuffed inside. Apart from saving some money, when making your own. You can also personally design it the way you want, and you can add special gifts inside for someone. This Christmas cracker is very easy to make, and you can fill it with sweets, jokes, jewellery or anything that comes to mind.
What you'll need: 
1 Kitchen roll tube or 2 toilet roll tube
Decorative, tissue or crepe paper
Cracker snaps (optional)
If you are using the kitchen roll tube. Cut two small pieces from the tube, so that you end up with one tube much longer than the other two cut tubes. The longest tube is where the gifts will stay. The two small tubes are where it would be pulled. If you are using the toilet roll tube, keep one tube as it is and cut the second one in half.
Take the paper you will use, lay it down and cut out roughly, an A4 size to cover the tubes.
Put the largest tube in the middle of the paper. The two small parts should be at either side of the longest tube. Leave a little bit of space between each tube.
Glue one edge of the paper, and stick it firmly onto the three tubes. Start rolling the paper round the tubes. When you reach the other end of the paper, glue near the edge of the paper, and press it firmly to the paper.
If you want to add a cracker snap, you can place it now inside the tube. Pinch the gap, at one end of the middle tube and tie a ribbon round it.
Now you can fill it with paper hats, sweets, poems or jokes. It’s your choice.
You can now decorate the outside of the cracker, if you want. You can stick small images on them, or whatever else you may have in mind.
If the cracker edges look rough, trim them or fold edges inside and glue down.
If you add the cracker snap inside the cracker, they will have a slight bang when pulled. If don’t want to achieve that noise, do not add it in. Remember these can double up as a gift, especially if you personalized it for someone.
You can use any type of cardboard tube. Just make sure it’s not too hard to pull, if you are adding the cracker snap.
You can buy cracker snaps online or at craft shops.
You can buy gifts for filling, from discounted shops.
If the cracker is for individual people, remember to add tags with names on it. That way, you don’t give the wrong cracker to wrong person.


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