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How to make your own candles out of old candle ends

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Making your own candles is surprisingly easy. If you save the ends of your used-up candles, you can recycle them in a great eco-friendly do-it-yourself project.
What you'll need: 
several candle ends
a large, study pot
a glass jar
candle wick
a pencil
Apply glue to one end of your wick, place it inside your jar, and use the pencil to press it firmly to the bottom of the jar at the centre. The glue will keep your wick in place until your candle is complete, and will help to ensure that your candle will burn evenly.
Place the pencil across the top of the jar and tie the wick around it in the centre. Make sure the wick is straight, but so tight that it is straining the glue holding it in place.
Place the used candle ends in the pot and heat them over the stove. Allow them to melt slowly, making sure not to overheat them.
Stir gently to ensure that the wax has entirely melted. Use your spoon to carefully remove any old bits of wick.
Carefully pour the wax into the jar. Leave at least 2cm of space at the top of the jar. Keep a small amount of the wax to use in the next step.
Allow your candle to cool completely. This may take several hours. Once your candle has cooled, it is likely that the top will have sunken somewhat, and won't have a nice smooth surface. To fix this, melt your leftover wax and pour a thin layer onto your candle. When this cools, the top of your candle should be even.
You can add dyes to change the colour of your wax.
Try adding scents to your candles by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils.
Get creative with your molds! Try using teacups or small bowls instead of jars. Handmade candles in decorative containers make fantastic gifts.
Be extremely careful when working with hot wax!


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