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How To Make A Witch’s Broom

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The witch’s broom is traditionally made with a handle and twigs tied around it. It is also known as a Besom broom. If you are dressing up as a witch, for a Halloween party, a witch’s broom can go well with your costume. There are many myths and superstitions surrounding the witch’s broom. But for now, the focus will be on making a witch’s broom cheaply. After you have made it and used it at a Halloween’s party, you even use it as an ornamental piece at home!
What you'll need: 
Wooden broomstick
A bunch of small branches or twigs
Face or baby wipes (optional)
Take the broomstick and unscrew the handle from the brush head.
Lay the wooden handle down. If some of the twigs or branches are a bit dirty, just give them a wipe down with a face or baby wipe. Gather the bunch of twigs or branches and place around the handle, at your desired length. The twigs or branches will act as bristles round the wooden handle.
Take the string and wrap it tightly, near the top of the bristles. Make sure the bristles are evenly positioned around the handle. Keep wrapping the string around the bristles so that they can’t move around. Tie tightly with a knot and cut string off with scissors.
Tie a string underneath where you just tied a knot. Leave the string still attached and weave the string in and out of the top branches. In other words, you should be weaving the string under a bristle and then weaving the string on top of the next bristle. Weave the string all the way round the bristles. Repeat the same thing backwards, and then tie it off with a knot tightly. Cut string off with scissors. The weaving of the bristles will make them flatter.
Your witch’s broom is now ready to be used as you wish.
You saved yourself some money making your witch’s broom. Enjoy it.
You can collect twigs or branches that have fallen down in a park.
If you want to keep the bristle part rounded then don’t weave the string through it.
You can paint your broom black or silver, or leave it as it is.


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