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How To Make A Witch’s Brew With A Frozen Hand

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Making a witch’s brew is just a matter of, mixing up a tasty drink with an interesting colour. Well, here is a punch you can easily make with a spooky touch to it. This punch will have a fake frozen hand floating in it. This will definitely grab your guest’s attention if you are making it for a Halloween party. The fake frozen hand is quite simple to make, and this witch’s brew won’t be forgotten in a hurry.
What you'll need: 
A pair of non-latex, non-powdered disposable glove
Elastic band
2 sachets black cherry gelatin (optional)
2 cups hot water
2 ½ cups cranberry juice
1 litre mango juice
2 ½ cups apple juice
1 ½ cups orange juice
To make the frozen hand, dissolve the gelatin in two cups of hot water, let it cool and add the cranberry juice to gelatin mixture.
Take a glove, wash inside glove with water. Pour the cranberry juice into glove and seal with elastic band. Freeze at least 24 hours, or until hard.
Pour the mango, apple and orange juice into the bowl and mix.
Take frozen hand from freezer and dip very briefly in warm water. Cut side of glove with scissors and peel the glove. Don’t worry if some of the fingers break. The broken fingers will add to the spookiness of the drink.
Put frozen hand into punch bowl drink, for a spooky Halloween effect.
This is a basic punch, which you can vary as you like. The red frozen hand will stand out against the orange coloured punch. You can make the frozen hand without adding gelatin. The gelatin keeps the frozen hand from melting quickly. If you plan to serve the punch to any vegans, you can use vegan gelatin instead. Commercial gelatin is usually made from animal products. The vegan gelatin forms the same way as commercial gelatin. They also come in different flavours. This punch is great for children. If you want to make it for adults, just add 2 cups of chilled vodka to the punch.
You can also use a utility knife, to cut the glove away from the frozen hand.
To create more spooks. Put little plastic spiders or gummy worms into each ice cubes and fill with juice. Float plastic eyeballs or gummy eyeballs. All the items can be brought online or discount shops.
You can add flavoured sherbet to served drinks, to create a frothy topping to drink.


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