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How to make wickedly good Halloween cocktails

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Halloween is rapidly approaching, and what could be better for your super scary party than some creepy, ghastly and downright yucky looking (but always yummy) cocktails and shots? Some of the recipes listed below are classic cocktails which lend themselves to be used at Halloween because of either their colour or name. However others are some I've designed and used in the past for parties. The aim is to pull together a range of drinks that will work really well with each other to kick your party off with a bang.
What you'll need: 
Various spirits (see each step for a different spooky recipe and choose your favourites!)
The Midori Martini has a fantastic green colour, perfect for Halloween! Pour 15ml midori and 35ml vodka into a cocktail shaker. Squeeze in a little bit of lemon juice (about 5ml). Fill with ice, shake, and strain into a chilled martini glass. Drop in a bright red maraschino cherry to produce a wonderful clash of colours in the glass.
The bloody mary is surely the best suited classic cocktail for halloween. Try to find some passata to use instead of tomato juice to give it a really gloopy quality! A nice twist for halloween is to add picked onions to the top which can look like floating eyes from a distance...! See my recipe here:
Mr Pumpkin is a cocktail I developed a few years ago for a bar I worked at. For this you need pumpkin puree which you should be able to pick up from health food shops. Pour 25ml pumpkin purée, 10ml lemon juice, 100ml orange juice, and 25ml vodka into a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and shake very hard to make sure the contents are well mixed. Pour into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with about 10ml of midori or something bright and to give a ghoulish green glow to the top of the glass.
A blue lagoon may remind you more of tropical holidays than Halloween but I have found that the bright blue colour can help to compliment the other garish coloured drinks in this list. Pour 25ml vodka and 25ml blue curaco into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with lemonade. Add some cherries to the bottom of the glass if you like - the colour clash looks great here too.
The squashed frog is a well known shot. It's perfect for Halloween as if made properly it actually looks like something is squished in your shot glass! Ewwwww.... Take a shot glass and fill 2/3 with midori. Put a pourer spout (available from most big supermarkets) onto a bottle of baileys. Very slowly pour the baileys into the shot glass. This may take a bit of practice, but if you pour slowly enough you should be able to float the baileys on top of the midori (as it has a lower alcohol content). Add a couple of drops of grenadine to the glass, which is very dense and will sink through to the bottom of the midori pulling though some of the bailey with it. It's this that really does make the drink look gross - perfect for a spooky Halloween evening!
A very simple cocktail to make is the screwdriver, as all it consists of is vodka and orange juice! I love serving this on Halloween as I serve it with a kids plastic screwdriver in the glass as a garnish - always makes a good talking point! The recipe can be found in my previous post here:
A very 'cool' way to create spooky drinks it to get your hands on some dry ice. This is basically solid carbon dioxide and is used in smoke machines and by some ice cream shops. It's therefore non toxic, and if you put a small chunk into a drink it will produce loads of smoke, which is sure to impress any guest at a spooky halloween party!! I have previously managed to get my hands on some through theatre companies, ice cream shops, and my local DJ, so start making friends with your local shops and theatres!
My final tip for Halloween is to check out one of my previous posts on how to make alcoholic cavier. This shows you how to make small spheres of alcohol with a gel film on the outside that burst in your mouth - hence why they call it cavier. This Halloween I'm going to be using it to make bright green cavier to look like frog spawn, and will be serving it to my guests in glasses of champagne as they arrive - super creepy and super fun! You can find the recipe here:
Happy Halloweening all! Do get in touch and let me know how all of your spooky drinks experiments go, and remember, the brighter and more clashing the colours of your drinks are the better!
Why not try garnishing your drinks with glow stick bracelets around the bottoms of the glasses?
Tonic water glows blue under a black light due to the quinine in it. If you can get your hands on a UV or black light this can look amazingly cool!


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