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How To Make Vintage Easter Gifts

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Rather than buying from the high street spend an hour poking about in charity shops and you'll find lots of wonderful treasures that will form the basis of super quick, rather special, Easter gift projects.
What you'll need: 
Junk or charity shop finds: glass jelly moulds, pretty tea cups
bowls, vintage tea towels, wooden spoons, glass marbles
Mini foil coloured eggs
70% cocoa solids bars of cooking chocolate
Coloured ribbons
Roll of cellophane
Pansies, primroses, primulas
Tiny pebbles
Potting compost
Scissors, old spoon
Fill tea cup and saucer with foil covered eggs (try and co-ordinate the colour of the foil with the pattern on the cup). Cut square of cellophane the size of the width of the roll. Stand cup and saucer in middle of cellophane. Pull up each corner and pull in tight abover the cup. Tie with a ribbon and make a bow.
Fill base of jelly mould or pretty bowl with marbles or pebbles. Add a plant from the list above. Carefully top up with compost using the old spoon. Place on a square of cellophane and tie around the bowl with the ribbon, secure and then make a bow.
Take the vintage tea towel and fold in half across the width and then fold in each side to the middle. Place the wooden spoon in the middle of the tea towel with a bar of cooking chocolate and then tie across the centre to secure the spoon and chocoate and then make a bow.


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