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How to Make a Video Call Using Skype

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Need to set up a video conference call at work? Want to keep in touch with family across the pond? Simply plug in the right hardware and follow these easy steps and you’ll be talking face to face in seconds.
What you'll need: 
A computer
A webcam
A headset or built-in microphone
Skype software
If you’re using an external webcam, ensure that it is plugged in and switched on. (Many webcams are “plug and play” and will be automatically recognised by your computer. If not, install the software from the CD-Rom included with the device.)
Open Skype by double clicking on the icon on your desktop or from the Start menu.
Your list of contacts will be displayed on the left. Scroll down until you find the person you want to call and then click on them.
Your contact’s information will be displayed on the right. Look for the two green buttons below the contact details labelled “Call” and “Video call.” Select “Video call.” Skype will then connect you with your contact.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy your conversation.
You can still make voice calls without a webcam, just as if you were talking on the phone.
To send an instant message (IM) while you’re on a video call, simply click the “Show messages” icon on the video screen.
Resize and enlarge your video window by clicking and dragging one corner. You can also click and drag your video window to move it around your screen.
Adjust your call quality (e.g. microphone, speakers, webcam) by clicking “Check settings.”


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