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How to make Union Jack bunting

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As the Royal Wedding approaches, many people will be organising street parties to celebrate the big day. How about some Union Jack bunting to decorate the setting for your street party?
What you'll need: 
A picture of the Union flag
Thin paint brushes
20 sheets of white paper (approx 40cm x 20cm)
Red and blue poster paint
PVA glue
A ball of string
Fold your A4 paper in half - short side to short side
Unfold the paper and using your picture of the Union flag, paint the flag design onto both halves of the paper A red cross (like a plus), 8 blue triangles, then 4 red diagonal lines (one from each corner)
When dry, fold the paper again and cut into a triangle shape
Glue the 2 sides together, leaving a gap by the the fold
Thread the string through the gap by the fold
Repeat steps 1-5 to make as many pieces of bunting as you require
If you have a group of willing children - get them to make a couple of pieces of bunting each
Children should always be supervised by an adult when using scissors


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