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How to make a spooky Halloween mask

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A spooky mask is a must to complete the Halloween Trick or Treat and have loads of fun. Here's how you can make a Halloween mask easily at home
What you'll need: 
Newspaper pages
A pair of scissors
A balloon or a bowl which is big enough to cover your face
Sketch pens
Some elastic or a rubber band or string
Cut one whole newspaper page into 2 inch pieces
Now get hold of an inflated balloon or a bowl with a smooth bottom and place the newspaper pieces on to it using glue, creating a layer.
Make several layers so that you are sure that it is thick and sturdy.
Allow it to dry.
Peel off the newspaper pieces from the balloon/bowl when they have dried completely. Your base for the mask is ready.
Now using a pair of scissors, cut holes for eyes (nose and face if you wish) and trim the uneven corners.
Paint the face mask in colours which you fancy and use glitter pens to highlight any features. Allow the colours to dry.
Make two holes on each side of the mask for placing a string/elastic/rubber band so that you can tie the mask to your face.
And you are ready to scare people with this home-made mask.
It is simple to make without requiring you to buy any expensive stuff and is a good way to encourage DIY skills and creativity.
Allow the newspaper pieces to dry completely before you peel it off the balloon
Before cutting holes for eyes, place the newspaper on your face and check where exactly you need to make the cuts.
One more time place the mask on your face to check where you need to pierce for the string.
Use the pair of scissors with care.
Paste the newspaper pieces one on top of the other for a thick layer.


This is what I did as a kid

This is what I did as a kid and wish to share it with Howopia readers.

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