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How To Make A Simple Superhero Cape

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Wearing a superhero cape can make anyone feel like a superhero. You can easily make yourself or a child a superhero cape and it’s quite simple to make. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you made the cape with your own personal touch. There are instructions below to make the superhero cape without sewing. This cape can be worn at any party with your superhero costume.
What you'll need: 
2/3 metres non-ravel fabric or other type of material
Double-sided fusible web
Pins (optional)
Sewing machine (optional)
1 inch ribbon
Cut the material into a rectangle shape and it should be at least 1 metre wide. The cut material should be wide enough to cover the neck and long enough to reach the back of the knees.
For those using the sewing machine. Fold 2 inches of material over one edge. This is the part that will go round the neck. Use pins to hold down the folded material edge. Use the machine to sew near the cut edge of the part where you just folded. Leave enough space for the ribbon to be passed through the casing or hole of folded part. Remove pins as you sew along the edges.
For those not sewing. Cut the double-sided fusible web and stick it along inside edge of one side of the material. Carefully fold over to 2 inches and pressed down so the material is sealed down together by the fusible web. There should be enough space or casing left for the ribbon. Set iron to steam setting and heat it up. Now iron along the sealed down part. The heat will melt web into material and keep it stuck together. Unplug iron when you’ve finished.
Take the ribbon and tie a knot at both ends. Pass the ribbon through the casing. Leave enough ribbon at both sides of the cape to tie a ribbon round your neck.
You can glue or sew the ribbon in place at the edge of casing if you want.
That’s your superhero cape done. You can now add it with a superhero outfit.
This is a really simple cape which can be done if time is not on your side. Using double-sided fusible web is great if you don’t have a sewing machine. It works well with non-ravel fabric because this kind of fabric doesn’t fray at the edges. You can be as decorative with the making of this cape as you want. This cape can be adapted to an adult size. Just get at least 4/5 metre of material and follow as above.
You can add your own made up superhero emblem unto the cape.
Each brand of fusible web has similar instructions. Do read and follow instructions in case it’s different from above
You can sew the superhero cape by hand with needle and thread if you want.


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