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How To Make A Simple Headband

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If you want a headband that’s different from what is sold at the shops, you can simply make a headband yourself with your own personal touch.
What you'll need: 
20 inch long Fabric by 2 ½ inch wide
2 inch long by 2 inch wide elastic
Sewing machine
Needle and thread (optional)
Iron (optional)
Fold the cut out fabric length ways so the right side of fabric is facing each other. Sew with a machine or needle and thread along the long edge. The casing ends should not be sewn. You should have a flat long rectangle strip.
Take the bodkin; grab the fabric in between the bodkin. Slide the bodkin clasp down to hold the fabric securely in place. Push the bodkin through the casing to turn out the fabric. The right side of the fabric should be facing you now. If the fabric is looking rough, use the iron to neaten it out.
Tuck ½ inch of both fabric ends into themselves. Insert ½ inch of elastic end into the casing opening. Sew the elastic in place on both ends using a back stitch. Sew two lines of stitching to secure the elastic in place.
Your headband is ready to be worn and shown to the world.
This headband takes little time to make. You can make many of them to give away as presents to friends, children, teenagers or adults. You can buy bodkins from craft shops or online sites. A bodkin is a useful tool to have when you need to thread elastic through a casing. It’s also useful for turning out narrow casings for the headband project above and it will save you a lot of time if you are making many of them. They almost look like over-sized needles and act like tweezers. You can use a safety pin attached to the fabric to turn the fabric out, but it can be time consuming.
You can make the headband wider or longer if you need to. For child size headbands it should be 14 inches long and you can make it wide as you want.
You can cover the elastic completely with the fabric instead; just make sure you sew over the elastic to secure it.
You can decorate your headband with jewels or attach a bow for example.
You can sew the whole headband with needle and thread.


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