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How To Make A Scary Punch With Dry Ice

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Dry Ice can give any Halloween punch a scary, foggy atmosphere. Dry ice is simply frozen carbon dioxide. When added to warm or hot liquid, it creates a white fog, as the carbon dioxide is released. Displaying a Halloween punch with dry ice will create a spooky, scary grave yard effect. To make it even more effective, you can use a witch’s cauldron. You can buy a plastic cauldron from a craft or party stores and online.
What you'll need: 
Insulated gloves
Tongs (optional)
Big bowl or plastic cauldron
Dry ice
Warm or hot water
Smaller bowl
Pour warm or hot water to the cauldron or big bowl.
Wear gloves or use the tongs to add the dry ice to the water. The dry ice will start to produce fog.
Place the small bowl inside the cauldron or big bowl. Make sure it’s on top of the dry ice and don’t get any dry ice into the small bowl. You will see fog around the sides of the small bowl.
You can now pour the punch into the small bowl. Enjoy your foggy punch, and serve the punch.
Using dry ice can be fun and cool, for any Halloween party or any other party. Just handle with care and you will be alright.
Create your scary and foggy master piece just as guests arrive.
As the dry ice cools the water, the smoke effect will die down. To maintain fog, add hot water. You can also start again if more dry ice is needed.
You can buy dry ice at some supermarkets. Also, check your local yellow pages for local suppliers of dry ice
Dry ice is much colder than regular ice and can cause frostbite to bare skin so always handle with gloves or tongs.
Keep pets or children away from dry ice.
Create in a well ventilated area.


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