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How to make real Italian coffee

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Tired of the usual watery coffee you are offered wherever you go? You've just been to Italy and you've realised you can't live any longer without a mini mug of proper Italian espresso? Follow the next few steps and you'll be able to have the intense taste of Italy in the comfort of your home...
What you'll need: 
A moka pot
Italian coffee powder (not the instant one!)
Open the moka pot and fill the boiler with water up to the safety valve.
Fill the filter with coffee powder and position it back on the moka pot's boiler.
Close the moka pot, making sure it's tightly screwed.
Place the moka pot on the hob and turn it on, then wait until you can hear the coffee is boiling. Turn off the hob when the typical sound of boiling coffee ends and serve the black hot liquid in a mini mug. To enjoy its intense taste, only add one or two teaspoons of sugar.
In Italy, we find that if the moka pot is new, the coffee won't be good the first time you make it. Therefore, whenever we buy a new moka pot, we tend to prepare the coffee in it once, then throw it away, then make it again and that's when you can say you're finally drinking a decent cup of coffee.
Make sure you always clean the moka pot thoroughly after using it, in order to prevent it from exploding because of the high pressure.


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