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How to make Purl, the perfect winter cocktail

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Purl is a very traditional cocktail which was served in the winter during the Victorian era. This particular recipe comes from Purl bar in Marylebone in London, so if you've not got time to make it yourself why not head down there and try it in person (link to their website at the end of this post). This recipe serves around 6 people.
What you'll need: 
150ml Gin
1 litre Ale
200ml Cloudy Apple Juice
1 satsuma
90g sugar
5g hops
2 cloves
1 desert spoon honey
2 splashes angstura bitters
1 star anise
Put all ingredients (except for the satsuma) into a pan and simmer for 20 minutes,
Strain through a sieve straight into pre-warmed cups (or a teapot to keep it warm).
Garnish with satsuma pieces and a cinnamon stick if available.
For me there's no better way to warm up this winter!
Use the 'hoppiest 'ale you can find
Source good quality dried hops
Hendrick's Gin works particularly well in this recipe


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