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How To Make A Pumpkin Glow In The Dark Without Carving

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You may love the idea of having a lit up carved pumpkin for Halloween but you can’t handle the mess it creates or don’t have the time to carve it? There is another option. You can simply not cut the pumpkin and use glowing materials to highlight your designs. The best thing is that your pumpkin design can be seen during the day and will glow at night without a candle. You can let children join you in doing this fun activity.
What you'll need: 
Face Template (optional)
Paint brush
Glowing Paint
Sticky Tape (optional)
Damp Cloth
Take the pumpkin and wipe off any dirt with the damp cloth.
Use the sticky tape to keep the face template on the pumpkin. If you have your own design, you can trace it out over the pumpkin.
Take the brush, dip into the glowing paint and paint over your design.
Remove the face template. Let the paint dry and enjoy your glowing design.
This is a simple way to decorate your pumpkin without too much hassle. Not much is needed and you can still, create a spooky design without the mess. Glow powder can be used as well. Just cover over your design with glue, and shake glow powder over the glued area. Shake excess powder off, let glue dry and spray a sealant over powdered area. This will keep the glow powder fixed to the pumpkin.
You can use foam pumpkins as well to create the above effect.
Carved pumpkins can be covered in the glow paint. Paint around the carved parts and that’s it.
You can also use glow in the dark, self-adhesive foam stickers. They work really well.
Remember that a carved pumpkin will last roughly a few days to a week. A pumpkin not carved will last over a month. An artificial pumpkin will last year after year.
You can buy glowing materials from art or craft shops and online sites.


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