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How to make a Pom Pom

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Pom poms are very easy to make and they do not cost very much. They are ideal for children’s craft and can be fashionable for adults, for making into scarves or adding to jackets, hats and bags. Beware - making them can be very addictive as well as fun!
What you'll need: 
Balls of Wool - any colour or thickness
Pen or pencil
Take your cardboard and draw two large circles, approximately 8cm wide. In the middle of the two circles that you have drawn, draw a circle measuring approximately 4cm wide.
Cut out the circles carefully, fold the circle in half, carefully make a small snip in the centre circle and use this to insert your scissors and carefully cut out the small circle. You can dispose of the small circles once they have been cut out.
Put the two circles together, cut a long length of wool from your ball of wool and tie around the two circles. Start to wind the wall around the circles by wrapping it over the circles and through the centre of the circles and back again next to the last woollen ‘stitch’, keeping the wool weaving close together.
Once you have completed one lap and covered the circles in one layer of wool, keep on going over the top of the wool you have already completed to put a second layer etc. Keep doing this round and round until the centre hole becomes smaller.
Once you come towards the end of the wool, with a remaining amount of approximately 8cm, tie a second length of wool onto the end and cut a long length off again and repeat winding. Keep on doing this until you have finished.
You are finished when the hole is so small it is difficult to pass the wool through the centre hole.
Tie the end of the wool to a remaining ‘stitch’ on the circle, ensuring the knot is tie and cut off any remaining length of wool.
Cut a piece of wool measuring approximately 40cm. Take your scissors and snip the wool apart around the outer edge of the circle, this may be hard to do as the wool should be thick but you can do a few layers at a time, continue to do this until you have snipped all the way along the outer edge.
Take the long piece of wool and find the centre of the two cardboard circles, place the long piece of wool in between the two cardboard circles, and tie the two ends of the wool tightly, wrap the wool around once or twice and tie again.
Remove the cardboard circles by carefully snipping through them or even gently tearing them.
Fluff the pom pom and you are finished.
You can mix and use different colours of wool in the same pom pom
The thicker the wool, the sooner you will finish.
If you want too, you can make the pom pom outer circles bigger; this will use more wool but will make larger pom poms.
You can make spiders or other creatures with the children by sticking on eyes, pipe cleaners and decorating.
These are easy to make of an evening sitting in front of the television, and can stop you nibbling food – so a great dietary aid!


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