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How to make Playdough

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When autumn arrives, rainy days can leave us parents tearing our hair out as bored children run riot. Playdough is a great way to engage your little ones in a creative way. And here's the good news: you don't have to spend £1 a pot to get hold of some. Read on to find out just how easy DIY playdough is to make!
What you'll need: 
Flour (1 cup)
Recently boiled water (1 cup)
Salt (half a cup)
Cream of tartar (1 tbsp)
Oil (1 tbsp)
Food colouring (a few drops)
Mixing bowl & spoon
Sandwich bags (or similar)
Put the flour, salt, cream of tartar and oil into the bowl.
Add a few drops of food colouring to a cup of hot water.
Add the water/colouring mixture to the bowl.
Mix vigorously!
Bag up for hours of winter fun!
Repeat using a different colour.
Thats it. There really are no more steps.
Make sure you allow the kettle water to cool sufficiently to avoid scalding
Observe normal kitchen safety procedures (i.e keep children away from boiling kettles)


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