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How To Make A Pillow from a Bandana

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Making a pillow from a bandana is a cheap and simple way to liven up any dull living space. You only need 2 bandanas to make this stylish pillow.
What you'll need: 
2 bandanas
Pillow Stuffing
Sewing Machine
Needle and thread (optional)
6 inches long Velcro
Place the two bandanas together with right sides facing each other and pin the bandanas together. Pin three of the edges together only and leave some seam allowance. The fourth side will be left open for stuffing the pillow inside.
Sew the three pinned edges with a sewing machine or thread and needle. Remove pins and turn the pillow inside out so right side of fabric is facing outside.
Take the Velcro and pin it down on each side of the opening. Sew the Velcro down on each opening side.
Remove the pins and fill inside bandana cover with pillow stuffing. Once pillow is stuffed you can close it together with the Velcro.
Your bandana pillow is ready to be used.
You can make bandana pillows to give away as Christmas or birthday presents.
You can seal the pillow opening with a zip instead or sew it up completely after stuffing.
You can stuff the pillow with old clothes cut into strips. This can be a good way to recycle old clothing.
You can get pillow stuffing from fabric shops or from online stores.
You can use foam or feathers to stuff the pillow if you prefer.
You can decorate plain bandana pillows with fabric paint or pens to personalize it.


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