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How To Make Paper Snowflakes

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Making paper snowflakes is a fun and cheap way to decorate your home for Christmas. This an activity you can do with children which they will enjoy and it will definitely keep them busy. You can be as creative with the snowflake designs and make them into different snowflake sizes.
How to make paper snowflakes video
What you'll need: 
White paper
Plastic cup
Pen or pencil
Take the paper and draw a circle around the bottom or top of the plastic cup with a pen or pencil.
Cut out the drawn circle. To create a 4 point snowflake, fold the circle in half to form a semicircle and fold it again to form a triangle.
To make an 8 point snowflake, fold the circle into a semicircle and fold into a triangle and fold again into another triangle.
To make a 6 point snowflake, fold the circle in half into a semicircle. Take one corner of the semicircle and fold a third of it into a triangle, then fold the leftover piece over the folded triangle. Make sure the bottom triangle edges are in line and side edges are in line as well
You can now cut out your snowflake design in the middle part of the triangle near the triangle edges and near its point. Make sure the edges are intact or else it will fall apart.
Open your cut piece of paper and marvel at your snowflake.
Once you know how to make a snowflake you’ll be able to do intricate designs. This will come with practice and you’ll be addictive to making snowflakes. You can hang your made snowflakes on string hanging from the ceiling or stick them on windows. Paper snowflakes will definitely make your home seem very Christmassy.
You can use various round items around your home to make snowflakes of various sizes.
You can use tissue paper, coloured paper, newspapers, foil and wrapping paper to create your snowflakes if you want.
You can use card but paper is easier to fold and cut into snowflakes.
You can use a cutting mat and blade knife to cut out your design for the snowflake.
You can make rounded edged snowflakes by cutting out your design without folding the paper.


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