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How To Make A Pancake

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The Pancake: A great breakfast or dessert, served up with lemon or ice-cream, it's both versatile and straightforward! Here's one of my favourite recipes:
What you'll need: 
50g butter
125g self-raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
50g caster sugar
175ml buttermilk
2 eggs
257ml-300ml semi-skimmed milk
500g Bramley apples
1 tsp vanilla extract
Greek-style natural yogurt
The Batter Mixture: To begin with you need a batter: Sieve 125g plain flour in a big bowl and put in a pinch of salt. Create a dip in the middle of the flour, beat 1 standard egg after that pour it into the centre of the dip. Gently beat the mixture whilst gradually adding 257ml-300ml semi-skimmed milk. Continue whisking until you see a paste forming just about the thickness of double cream. Don't worry if you are trying to remove some lumps in the flour. Just sieve the mixture into another bowl. Leave the mix to settle for approximately 20 minutes to allow the starch be able to swell giving you a lighter batter. Warm up your pan -a 28cm pancake pan is ideal but a smaller frying pan may even cook just as well on a medium temperature then while hot, dip some kitchen paper in vegetable otherwise sunflower oil and wipe over the pan's surface. Add a tiny table spoon of pancake batter and swirl across the pan, evenly and thinly.
Cooking the Batter: The smaller amount batter you put in the pan the more likely you will be to finish up with superbly thin pancakes. Fill up any gaps with additional batter if you need to. Cook the mixture for approximately 1-2 minutes, until pancakes are slightly golden brown on the base. However be ready for disappointment. The very first pancake is usually a disaster, as it requires practise to have the pan temperature accurate and whirl the batter around. The batter quantity may not be exact but don't panic.
The Pancake Flip: Loosen the pancake around the pan using a wide flat knife (palette knife). Flip over and cook for an additional minute, until pancakes are slightly golden brown on the base. Although tossing is much more enjoyable, using a wide flat knife (palette knife) knife to flip pancakes over is far better and less mess. Using a non-stick pan may also make cooking easier.
The Pancake Stack: Slip your pancake on a plate; insert a portion of greaseproof paper towel between each pancake so that there have no risk of sticking together. Repeat to finish up the batter, oiling the pan between each pancake. It is possible to freeze them stacked with grease proof paper in between them and wrapped in cling film, for a month. Then defrost at room temperature and heat through in a low temperature oven.
Indulge: This mixture should provide you with about 4 big or 8 medium pancakes. Serve the pancakes with lemon wedges used for squeezing along with a generous dust of sugar or even a drop of honey. After that, wipe your pan through with a clean kitchen paper rather than washing it to maintain the non stick quality of the pan.


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