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How to make an Orange Flambe garnish for a cocktail

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If you've ever ordered a Cosmo in a half decent cocktail bar you've probably seen the bartender do something with an orange zest and a lighter which looks pretty cool...I'll show you how!
What you'll need: 
Cut a piece of zest around 5cm long and 2-3cm wide.
Hold the zest by the edges, and gently heat with the lighter.
Hold the lit lighter on the outer side of the peel. Hold over the drink you are preparing.
In one movement squeeze the zest to release the oils which will sparkle and flame in the lighter's flame. Discard the zest.
The oils will have left a haze around the top of the drink which will add flavor when sipped.
The fresher the orange the better, as the skin will be oilier.
Make sure hair is tied back
Make sure the zest is resonably large so as not to burn your fingers
Never play with fire, lighters or matches


Video for orange flambe

Squeezing oil from an orange peel

I've been trying to figure out how to do this for a while now. This page has clearer instructions than others but I still have some confusion. I wish there were pictures for each step, or even better, a video showing it all happening.

Step 3, says hold the lighter on the outer side of the peel. I believe this must be the "orange colored" side. At step 3, we are heating the whole peel with the lighter. How long? Is there something you watch for that tells you the peel is heated enough to go to step 4?

Step 4 says in one movement squeeze the zest to release the oils. I take it I'm using my fingers which have been holding the orange peel in the lighter. Last time I tried this, I burned my fingers. :-) How am I holding the peel? By the ends? Should I be using tweezers?

I think pictures or definitely a video would answer these intangibles. I'm going to get a lighter and give this a shot anyhow. Maybe I'll have better success than last time.

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