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How To Make a Miniature Easter or Spring Garden

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This is a lovely project that the smallest child to a creative adult will enjoy. Think tiny and let your imagination run wild.
What you'll need: 
A plastic or metal tray or large platter, plant pot or seed tray
Soil or sand
Plastic yoghurt or chilled salad pot lids
Handbag Mirror
Twigs, shrub cuttings
Small flowers, herbs
Miniature figures
Wood glue
Cover the base of the tray with enough soil or sand for items to stand up when they are pushed in.
Place the yogurt lid or mirror where you want your pond to be.
Start to cover the garden with moss, add pebbles to create a rockery. Use twigs to create a fence, a bench or even glue together to create a wooden house.
Use tiny cuttings from shrubs to make trees and hedges.
Add flowers in clumps for tiny flowerbeds.
Add water to your pond.
Pop in figures and watch them enjoy your garden. Place your finished garden somewhere safe where it can be admired.


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