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How To Make An Irish Coffee

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The Irish Coffee is a truly versatile cocktail. Perfect served after a meal as a digestive or simply as a warming solution to the cold. Created at Foynes Airport in Ireland in 1942, the Irish Coffee spread first to the U.S.A and then around the world.
What you'll need: 
Glass coffee mug/thick wine glass
Irish whiskey
Brown sugar
Strong black coffee
Fresh double cream(chilled)
Long-handled spoon
Fill the glass with hot water. This will warm it and help to keep the Irish Coffee at the ideal temperature for as long as possible.
Discard the water and pour 60ml/20z of Irish whiskey into the glass. Add 1-2 teaspoons of brown sugar depending on preference.
Brew 180ml/6oz of strong black coffee and add it to the glass. Stir thoroughly to dissolve the sugar and mix the coffee and whiskey.
Place the long-handled spoon on the surface of the coffee. Slowly pour the double cream onto the spoon until it starts to overflow and form a layer on top of the coffee. Continue to slowly pour the cream until the cream has formed a fairly thick layer.
Dust the cream with cinnamon or nutmeg before serving.
The simple process of making an Irish Coffee belies its wonderfully complex and warming nature.
Experiment with different whisky styles.Though Irish in name, don't necessarily restrict yourself to a single whisky type.
Try various coffee blends. Darker roasts are often better in Irish Coffees.
Never use long-life cream. It just isn't worth it!


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