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How To Make A Hooded Cloak

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Some costume outfits are just not complete without a hooded cloak. But buying a brand new hooded cloak can be expensive. Well, you can own one cheaply by making one yourself and save some money as well. This hooded cloak goes well with many costume outfits. It can be worn for Halloween or any other parties and you can keep it for many years.
What you'll need: 
3/4 metres of you chosen fabric
Sewing machine (optional)
Needle and thread
Measuring tape
Pins (optional)
Lay the material out flat on a large flat surface. From one corner of the fabric, measure out 30 inches by 15 inches rectangle with the chalk. Cut out the drawn rectangle. This will be the hood part of the cape.
Measure the length of where you want the cape to end using the measuring tape. Start measurements from your shoulder to end at your ankle or above if it. You can also measure by lying down flat on your back on top of the fabric. The top edge of the fabric should be at your shoulders. Without moving your legs, put your hands to your side and sit yourself up. Make a mark with the chalk where you want the cape to fall at your leg. Make a second mark a few inches lower, this is where the material will be cut.
Mark out the lines properly across the material. Cut out the cape. Sew all the way round the edges, with a sewing machine or sew it with needle and thread. If you want a rough looking edge, don’t sew the edges. Take the cut out hood piece. Fold in ½ inch short edge side of the hood. Keep it down with pins and iron the folded edge to make it easier to sew. Sew the pinned edges down and lay the hood aside.
Sew a loose stitch at the edge of the cape. This is called a basting stitch. It will be used to gather the cape material and fit to the hood. Leave long pieces of thread after sewing the loose stitch.
After stitching the edge. Hold the long pieces of thread in one hand and scrunch the material along the loose thread. It should end up looking like drawn back curtain tops. It should be the same size length as the hood. Lay the hood on gathered side of cape. The right side of the cape should be facing you and the wrong side of the hood should be on top. Sew together edges of the cape and hood together.
Lift up unsown part of hood and lay it out flat so the sewn part is underneath it. Next take the two corners and touch them together. This will create a new fold, pin the formed fold together and stitch along it. You should be stitching the hood inside out. When hood is finally stitched, you can turn the hood the right way round.
Measure two rectangles from the left over material. They roughly should be 11 inches by 3 inches. Fold the long edges of the rectangles into their centres and fold again. They should look like a double neat fold. Sew along their edges. This is what will tie your cape around your neck.
Take one of the ties and sew it on the inside edge top of your cape. Do the same thing for the other side of the cape with the other tie.
Your cape is now ready to wear with any costume you want.
You can add your own personal decorations to this hooded cape. You can give it a really professional touch by adding embroidery on the hem line or around the edge of the hood.
If you want a shorter cloak, you can cut it to you desired length and sew as above.
Remember, if you sew it by hand it will take longer to complete the cape.
If you want a rough look at the bottom of your cape, cut the edges all jagged.
For a different look you can make the hood a different colour from the cape.
If you want your hood to hang more loosely, you can add another 5 inches to the length and width of the hood.


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