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How To make a Hanging Butterfly

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Young children love art and crafts. It is a good way for them to express themselves and good fun too. The Hanging Butterfly is very easy to make and helps pass the time for any bored child during the holiday season.
What you'll need: 
A large sheet of plain white paper
A large piece of card
Coloured pens, paints, and whatever other materials you can find
Scrunched up tissue paper makes great wings
Straws make great antennae
A pot or tube of art glue
Draw the outline of a butterfly on paper, then cut it out and stick it on to the card.
Have your child start decorating the butterfly in their own way.
Once your child is satisfied with the result, make a hole in the buttterfly and thread some strong sting through the hole.
It is now ready to be hung from your childs ceiling.
This idea could also be used to make Hanging Bees or Hanging Spiders, or whatever is your child's favourite insect.
Depending on your childs age group, I suggest the parent or care cut out the butterfly, using the scissors.


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