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How To Make A Hand Tied Valentine's Day Bouquet

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The price of bouquets of flowers always rockets at Valentine's Day and high street offerings can look a bit run of the mill. This year try making one your own to make her feel really special.
What you'll need: 
2 bunches of same coloured flowers of similar lengths
1 bunch of foliage
A piece of string
Brown paper
old newspaper
Cover the table with newspaper. Open up the flowers and foliage and strip off all leaves at the bottom six inches of the stems. This is important as it will ensure flowers last for longer.
Take one piece of foliage loosely in your left hand and lay the next bloom with stem across at slight angle so the flower sticks out, repeat the process alternating with one of each flower and then foliage. Turn the bunch as you go until you have used all the stems. You should now have a balanced circular bouquet, the stems should resemble a tepee.
Lay the bunch carefully on the table and tie at binding point where you were gripping the bouquet with string.
Cut three squares of brown paper the width of the roll. Then place on the table overlapping with points ponting upwards.
Place flowers on first square with flowers a couple of inches below the point. Roll loosely across the paper until bunch is completely covered.Tie at binding point with raffia. Make a simple bow to finish.
Leave ends of paper or turn up and neaten with sellotape.
Some good colour combinations are white and lime green, dark red with fuschia pink, pale pink and white. If you are using roses, trim a tiny bit off the stem and plunge the stem in boiling water to keep the heads upright. If using tulips push a pin through the stem just below the head.


This is brilliant :)

This has really shown me how to make a bouquet! Linda you are a genius!

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