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How to make a Halloween trick or treat bucket

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Make Halloween Trick or Treat Buckets using Dremel Glue Gun 930 and Versatip. Enjoy the festival of Halloween and make your kids the best trick or treat buckets they’ve ever had in which to collect their sweets from around the neighbourhood. Take your Dremel Glue Gun 930, 7 mm glue sticks and glittersticks and have fun being creative.
What you'll need: 
Dremel Glue Gun 930, 7 mm glue sticks and 7 mm glittersticks
Hotfix stones with Dremel Versatip
Metal buckets
Coloured card
Measure the height of the trick or treat bucket and, using this measurement, cut a strip of black or coloured card that is long enough to fit around the bucket with a slight overlap. Glue the card around the bucket using the Dremel Glue Gun 930 and 7 mm glue sticks.
Using the Dremel Glue Gun 930 and 7 mm glittersticks, make a spider’s web pattern to decorate the bucket starting at a central point and make straight lines of glitter glue outwards. Make lines around these to form a web.
Cut out spider shapes from card and decorate using the Dremel Glue Gun 930 and 7 mm glittersticks. Glue the spiders onto the bucket.
To make the pumpkin trick or treat bucket, cover the bucket with orange card and using the Dremel Glue Gun 930, stick it over the bucket’s surface.
Then draw lines with the Dremel Glue Gun 930 and red 7 mm glittersticks at intervals vertically on the bucket. Stick on a face cut from black card, then cut out a strip of green card to look like leaves and glue around the inside.
Alternatively, cut out bat shapes from card, decorate them using the Dremel Glue Gun 930 and 7 mm glittersticks and make eyes by attaching Hotfix stones to the card using the Dremel Versatip. Stick the bats onto the bucket. Tie ribbons around the handles to decorate them.


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