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How To Make A Hair Scrunchie Without Sewing

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Making your own scrunchie is simple and fun. You can make them to match an outfit or give them away as presents. If you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t know how to sew, you can easily make a scrunchie without sewing. You just need a glue gun and glue stick to make this scrunchie.
What you'll need: 
20 inch long by 3 inch wide fabric
12 inch long by 1 inch wide elastic
Safety pins
Low temperature hot glue gun
Lay the paper down. The paper will be used to catch any glue that might drip off the glue gun.
Place the fabric on the paper. The right side of the fabric should be facing you. Heat up the hot gun glue.
Take the hot glue gun and apply the glue along one side of the long edge of the fabric. Let the glue cool down for a few seconds. Grab the long edge without the glue. Fold it over in half and press the unglued edge fabric unto the glued edge. It should look like a tube shaped cloth. Turn the fabric tube inside out. The right side of the fabric should be facing you now.
Pin one end of the elastic to one side of tube opening. Pin safety pin to the other end of elastic and thread the elastic through the scrunchie tube. Carefully take pins out and tie elastic ends into a knot. Make sure there are elastic ends sticking out of knot.
Pull one fabric tub end over the fabric tube end. The fabric ends should overlap each other about 1 ½ inch. Tuck in the rough edge a bit and apply glue around the open fabric end. Let glue cool down a few seconds and press the glued tube end closed.
You scrunchie is ready to be used.
Making these scrunchies is easy and cheap to do. Teenagers can be involved in making these scrunchies; they just need adult supervision when handling the hot glue gun. They will love them because you can’t buy these one of a kind scrunchies in the shop.
You can also use a bodkin to thread the elastic through.
Always let hot glue cool down a few seconds when you apply it. Hot glue can get very hot and can scald your fingers.


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