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How To Make A Hair Scrunchie

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A hair scrunchie (also known as a scrunchy) is a simple hair piece which can be used to tie your hair back. They can be stylish or funky and come in different sizes and designs. But you can make a hair scrunchie yourself and it doesn’t take long to do. Scrunchies are a great alternative to using rubber bands to tie your hair. Scrunchies are kinder to the hair and won’t break or damage the hair.
What you'll need: 
16 inches long by 4 inches wide of fabric
10 inches of elastic (½ inch wide at least)
Sewing machine
Thread and thread
Safety pins
Take fabric and fold together right side of fabric in half length ways. Pin the edges together and leave at least 1cm for seam allowance.
Sew the edges together with sewing machine or needle and thread. Make sure you don’t sew the ends. The sewn fabric should be in a shape of a tube.
Remove the pins and turn the scrunchie tube inside out. The right side of the fabric should be facing you. Use a safety pin and pin the elastic to one end of the scrunchie tube. This will help you from losing the elastic when you thread it through.
Use a safety pin to pin the other end of the elastic and use it to thread through the scrunchie tube.
Carefully remove the attached safety pins from both ends. Grab both elastic ends and tie a knot. There should be at least 1½ inch of elastic ends sticking out of the tied knot.
Tuck in the rough edges of the scrunchie tube and cover the elastic ends. Stitch the tucked in edges with needle and thread.
Your scrunchie is now ready to be worn and shown off.
You can make your hair srcrunchie out of any material. But it’s best to stay away from satin or slippery material until you are confident in making scrunchies. You can make the scrunchies as gifts for people you know. Be creative as you can in making them. This hobby could very easily turn into a part-time business in making scrunchies.
You can use scraps of material lying around in your home to make your scrunchie.
You can make the width of your scunchie material wider if you want.
You can also sew the elastic ends together instead of tying a knot. Then sew the fabric ends together as above.
You can sew the whole scrunchie with just needle and thread.


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