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How to Make a Hair Bow

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Clip in hair bows are a really cute fashion item, for children, teens and adults alike. Girly accessories, such as hair bows, are particularly popular among teenagers of the scene and emo subcultures. Making your own hair bows is a great way of saving money and of making sure you get the exact colour and style of bow that you want.
What you'll need: 
Hair clip
Craft glue or glue gun
Choose a variety of ribbon according to your tastes and needs. You can normally find a wide variety at a craft shop or sewing shop. As well as regular ribbon, tulle and velvet ribbons are quite common and work well for making hair bows.
Cut the ribbon to the correct length. This will vary depending on how large you want your hair bow to be.
Tie the ribbon into a bow shape. Make sure it is neat and even and then glue the inside of the knot, between the layers, with either craft glue or glue gun glue, to fix it in place.
Glue the bow onto the hair clip and wait for it to dry.
If you can find any flat-backed buttons of a favourite cartoon character, or something similar, you could glue it to the knot of the bow to make it extra cute for kids.
If using a glue gun, beware of the hot glue.


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