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How To Make Flavoured Vodka

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Many vodka brands are widely available in flavoured varieties. However, they are generally made with fairly conventional ingredients and are often considerably more expensive than their unflavoured counterparts. Flavoured vodka is easy and inexpensive to make and the flavour options are limited only by the boundaries of personal preference.
What you'll need: 
1 bottle good quality vodka
Chosen flavouring ingredients
15ml/0.5floz sugar syrup
Coffee filter/cheesecloth
Paring knife
Chopping board
Choose your specific flavouring ingredient. Soft fruits such should be cut into medium-sized pieces and the flesh exposed so as to allow maximum flavour infusion. Other ingredients such as chillies and vanilla pods should be either pierced or sliced open. Hard ingredients such as nuts or coffee beans should be halved.
A small amount of sugar syrup can be used to add a slight sweetness if desired. Sugar syrup can be made by boiling equal parts white sugar and water and allowing to cool.
Place your flavouring ingredients in the clean glass bottle. Add the sugar syrup. Using the funnel, pour the vodka into the bottle until nearly full. Do not overfill as you need to be able to agitate the flavourings when you shake the bottle.
Seal the bottle carefully and place it in a cool, dark area to infuse. Agitate every few days. Leave for 1-2 weeks for soft ingredients and 3-4 for harder ingredients.
Once the infusion process is finished, line the funnel with a coffee filter or cheesecloth and fine strain the vodka back into its original bottle/a decorative bottle.
Discard the flavouring ingredients. The flavoured vodka can be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks.
Though time and patience are required, making flavoured vodka is an easy way to add a personalised touch to cocktails and gifts.
Soft ingredients infuse more quickly but also go off more rapidly.
Vanilla, nuts and coffee all make excellent flavoured vodkas.
It isn't necessary to use premium vodka but avoid cheap vodkas as they have a harsh flavour.


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