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How to make fat cakes for garden birds

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Garden birds can find it difficult to find enough food in the cold Winter months. If you have a garden you might have thought about putting some food on a bird table or feeder for them. One thing that is very nutritious and will give the birds a lot of the energy they need to survive in Winter are fat cakes. These can be very easily made and will be enjoyed by all sorts of birds, such as robins, blue tits and great tits.
What you'll need: 
Lard or suet
Twine or string
Old plastic container, or coconut halves
Bird food such as seed, oats, peanuts, sunflower seeds etc.
The first thing to do is to to melt some lard or suet in your saucepan on a low heat.
Next, in a bowl, mix together the food that will be added to the fat. You will ideally want to have 1 part fat to 2 parts bird food. You can use all sorts of food, but seeds and nuts work best.
When the mixture is all mixed together well, take the fat off the heat and stir in the food mixture. Make sure the fat and food is well mixed.
Now you need to fill your container, you can use an old plastic container or you could fill coconut halves, like you can buy in the shops. Make sure you add some string or twine, with the end sticking out, if you wish to hang the fat cake up.
When it has cooled, take it out of the plastic container and put it on the bird table, or hang it from a branch. You can hang the coconut halves up and the birds will be able to eat out of one side.
Never use fat from your cooking, it can be dangerous to the birds.
Don't use anything that is salty such as peanuts or salty bacon.


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