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How to make an eco-friendly Christmas gift bag

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Traditional Christmas wrappings can be expensive and aren't very environmentally friendly. This drawstring bag is very easy to make, and provides an excellent alternative that can be reused for years to come.
What you'll need: 
ribbon or string
fabric of your choice
sewing needle
chalk or bar soap
First you need to find fabric that you'd like to use. Rather than buying new fabric, you can look at your local secondhand shop. Often you'll be able to find beautiful fabric there, and it'll be cheaper and more eco-friendly than buying new fabric.
Once you have your fabric, place it wrong side up on your work surface. Take the gift you want to wrap and place it on the fabric. Fold the fabric over so that the gift is completely covered, and use the chalk or soap to mark the place where you need to cut off any excess fabric. Make sure to leave an extra inch or two for your seams.
Once you've cut out the fabric you need, fold it in half with the wrong side out. Sew two of the edges shut, leaving one edge open.
Cut off a piece of ribbon or string that is at least three times the width of your bag. Lay it along the top open edge, and fold a flap of fabric down so that the ribbon is covered. Pin this in place. Do the same on the other side, so that your ribbon runs all the way around the top edge. Make sure the two ends of your ribbon are sticking out together, and aren't trapped under the fabric.
Sew all around the top edge of your bag, securing the ribbon in place. Remove all the pins and turn your bag right side out.
Place the gift in the bag and tie the ribbon tightly to close the top.


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