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How To Make Drinks And Ice Glow Under Black Light

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Create a glow in the dark effect to your drinks for your next party. All you need is tonic water and black light to make your drinks appear to glow. This will really spice things up for your party. Just make sure the tonic water has the ingredient quinine. This is the ingredient that will give your drinks a blue spooky glow under black light. You can create some fun with this for a Halloween party or any other party.
What you'll need: 
Ice cube tray
Tonic water
Plain water
Juice of your choice (optional)
Clear plastic cups or tumbler
Black lights
Mix the tonic water with water in the jug. The mix should have more tonic water than plain water, but not too much or else the cubes will melt quicker. Stir the mixture and pour into trays and freeze.
Place black lights in the room where the drinks will be served. Get the room ready before your guests arrive if you can. You can also replace your normal light bulb with a black light bulb.
Serve the drinks in the room with black light and add the frozen ice cubes to drinks. The ice in the drink will glow blue under the black light and will add a glowing effect to your drink.
This is really cool and simple trick to perform at a party. Your guests will be amazed with glowing effect. You can make the above with alcoholic drinks like vodka and gin. Experiment and have fun creating your glowing drink. Remember that some people find the taste of tonic water bitter, so don’t add too much.
You can also use fizzy drinks instead of juice.
You can also use diet tonic water as long as it has the ingredient quinine.
You can mix tonic water to the juice and when the ice melts the drinks still glow.
Stick to clear plastic cups or tumblers to serve drinks in because they give an extra glow.
Neon plastic cups or tumblers add a really cool glow to the effect.


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