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How To Make A Dog Bandana

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A dog bandana is a simple way to make your dog look dressed without too much fuss. You can either spend lots of money buying different bandanas or you can easily make one yourself. Making a dog bandana won’t take you long at all and you can use spare fabric lying around your home.
What you'll need: 
Tape measure
Sewing machine
Thread and needle (optional)
Take the fabric and lay down flat on work surface. For a small dog, measure out 12 inches by 12 inches square. For a medium sized dog, measure out 22 inch by 22 inch square. For an extra large dog, measure out 28 inches by 28 inches square. Cut out the square from the fabric with scissors.
Take one corner of the square and fold over to the other corner. This will form a triangle on a fold. Cut along the triangle fold and you’ll end up with 2 fabric triangles. You only need one of the fabric triangles. You can keep the other one for spare to sew for another time if you want.
Lay the triangle fabric down with wrong side facing you. Fold in ½ inch of the fabric edge around all three edges and pin it down. Sew the three edges with a sewing machine or needle and thread. Take the pins out as you hem down the edges.
You can now tie the bandana round your dog’s neck.
This bandana is made with less fabric and will sit comfortably round your dog’s neck. Making dog bandanas this way means you don’t have to use the square bandanas which have more material. The dog bandanas can be made to give away as gifts to people you know who wrap scarf’s round their dog’s neck.
You can decorate the dog bandana with fabric paint and personalize it for your dog.


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