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How to make coloured mascara

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Coloured mascara can help to highlight your eyes and make them stand out. But, sometimes the coloured mascaras on offer are just not vibrant enough. So, what is a city girl to do? You just have to create your own coloured mascara yourself! I know it sounds crazy, but making your mascara is not so hard. Stick with me for a moment and you’ll see the simplicity of it.
What you'll need: 
White primer (optional)
Clear mascara
Coloured eye shadow of your choice
Small brush
Clean mascara wand
Coat your lashes with the white primer.
Open clear mascara and put a little of the mascara gel on the plate.
Take your chosen coloured eye shadow and sprinkle some of it over the clear mascara.
Take the brush and mix the eye shadow and clear mascara gel together.
When all is mixed up, take the clean mascara wand and coat it evenly in the mixture.
Apply the mixture to your top and bottom lashes.
Stand back and marvel at your handy work.
Creating your own mascara doesn’t take long to do, even if you are in a rush. You can also use vibrant eye shadows as well. You’ll come up with interesting colours that can’t be bought. You’ll save yourself some money and you can wear different colour mascara every day.


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