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How To Make A Child Bandana Dress

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A bandana dress is a really easy and cute outfit to make for your daughter or nieces. They can be used for playing around and bandanas don’t cost much to buy. The bandana dress will fit young girls from the age of 12 months to 5 years.
What you'll need: 
2 bandanas
3 inch wide elastic
1 inch wide cotton twill tape
Sewing machine
Needle and thread (optional)
Measuring tape
Safety pin or bodkin
Lay the 2 bandanas together with wrong sides facing you. Pin the left and right side and leave at least 4 ½ inches at the top for encasing the elastic. Use sewing machine or needle and thread to sew along the left and right pinned down edges. Remove the pins.
Fold over the left over fabric on each side at the top and pin down. Sew along the bottom edge as close as possible. Sew both sides and leave 3 inch space for the elastic to pass through. Remove the pins.
Measure around your child’s chest with a measuring tape. Cut out 2 inches less of elastic than the actual chest measurements. Attach a safety pin or bodkin at one end of the elastic and thread through the casing.
Once elastic is threaded through, overlap the elastic ends and pin them together. Stitch a box shape on the overlapped elastic ends. Remove pins and gather the fabric over the elastic to cover it and sew the openings closed along the edge.
Cut four pieces of 10 inches of cotton twill. Pin each twill piece a few inches from the side seam on each side. Stretch out the elastic casing and sew down the twill along the casing edge. Repeat this for each twill piece. You can sew the twill across the top and bottom of casing to keep the elastic in place if you want. Remove the pins.
The bandana dress is ready to be worn by your child.
The bandana dress is a simple dress that can be made for Birthday, Christmas or baby gifts. They are unique and young girls love them.
You can use ribbons instead of twill for the straps.
You can also use twill instead of elastic for the casing. Just leave the casing open and you can tie it over the shoulders.


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