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How To Make A Carved Pumpkin Smoke With Dry Ice

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You can use dry ice to give the impression that your carved pumpkin is smoking. It will add a spooky touch to your carved pumpkin for a Halloween themed night. If you are pushed for time, you can buy carved pumpkin from local markets or from online sites like eBay.
What you'll need: 
Carved Pumpkin
Insulated gloves or tongs
Dry ice
Tall glass or plastic jar
Boiling water
Fill your glass or jar with the hot water half way.
Take the carved pumpkin and place you jar or glass filled with water inside the pumpkin.
Using tongs or gloves, place a piece of dry ice into the hot water.
Place the top of the pumpkin (if you have one) back on. This will help the fog effect last longer
As the water cools, you can add more hot water or replace with more dry ice.
Creating a smoky effect for a carved pumpkin is really simple. It adds a special touch to any displayed pumpkin.
Try and use a glass or jar which is taller than the eyes of the carved pumpkin. This will get the fog to flow through all the carved parts.
Don’t use a candle with dry ice. The carbon dioxide from the dry ice will take the flame out.
If you want to create a coloured light effect for the fog, use a battery powered light or light stick.
To avoid injury or accidents, keep children and pets away from dry ice.
Don’t let dry ice touch any part of your body.


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