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How to make caramelised apple crepes

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A perfect time to indulge and enjoy a sweet treat is Shrove Tuesday why not try out The Botanist on Sloane Square’s recipe of caramelised apple crêpe with vanilla ice cream at home, courtesy of leading pastry chef, Boyne Kleynhans.
What you'll need: 
110g plain flour
200ml milk
50g melted butter
4 cox apples peeled and quartered
100g caster sugar
25ml Calvados
1 table spoon Chinese five spice
I non stick frying pan, ladle and spatula
Sieve the flour in a large mixing bowl. Beat in the eggs together and mix into the flour. Slowly add the milk, water and butter until the mixture has a smooth consistency.
Heat a non-stick pan to a medium heat and oil lightly. Pour in a small ladle of the pancake batter while spinning the pan. This will spread the batter evenly and thinly. Cook gently until the pancake starts to rise and is lose from the pan.
Then quickly and with confidence flick the pan from back to front to flip the crêpe over. This can get a bit messy but its all part of the fun! Continue to cook once turned until again the crêpe is free from the pan and moves freely.
In a non-stick pan heat the sugar until it melts to a golden brown caramel. Add a knob of butter, the five spice and the Calvados. Add the apple wedges and carefully toss them in the caramel. The caramel is extremely hot so take extra care at this point.Continue cooking gently until the apples are soft and golden brown.
Lay the crêpe on a plate and spread the caramelised apples in the centre and fold the crêpe around it. Dust with icing sugar and sauce with the remaining juice from cooking the apples. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and serve immediately.


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