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How to make a Caipirinha cocktail

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Pronounced ‘kai-pir-inya’ this drink consists of fresh lime, white sugar and a Brazilian cane sugar spirit called cachaça. If you’ve ever been to Brazil, this drink will take you back there. Not literally of course, you'll need an aeroplane for that.
What you'll need: 
20ml lime juice
3tsp white sugar
50ml cachaça
Muddler (can use the end of a rolling pin)
Crushed ice (use the rolling pin to smash the ice in a bag!)
Old fashioned/rocks glass
Cut the lime into segments.
Place the lime and the sugar in the bottom of the glass.
Use the muddler/rolling pin to 'muddle' the limes and sugar. This means squash them gently to release the juice from the lime. The sugar will also start to dissolve in the lime juice.
Add the crushed ice and then the cachaça.
Use the spoon to vigorously mix the contents of the glass pulling the limes up through the ice.
Add more ice to fill the glass.
Garnish with a lime wedge.


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