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How To Make A Black Witch’s Hat

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This is a simple witch's hat to make for Halloween. It works well for children or adult Halloween parties. It will match very well with, a face mask or face paint. Just beware the other witches will be envious of your black witch hat.
What you'll need: 
2 black construction paper
Chalk or pencil
Glue or sticky tape
Paper or dinner plate (optional)
Green crepe paper or Dyed raffia – green (optional)
To create the brim for the hat, you need to cut out a large circle out of the construction paper. You can a dinner plate to draw the circle brim for a child wearer. If it's for an adult, you will need something a little larger. Cut out the drawn circle with the scissors.
Use a chalk or pencil to draw out a circle inside the cut out circle. This circle should be big enough, to fit the head of the person wearing the hat. Cut out the drawn inner circle.
Use the other construction paper and roll into a cone shape. Make sure it can sit snugly, into the hole of the brim. Glue or tape the edge end of the cone, let glue dry.
Once dry, cut about half an inch of, slits around the base of the cone. These will act like tabs. Once you've cut the slits, bend them towards you so they face slightly upwards.
Slip the brim over the cone, so that the brim is laying on the cone slits. Use the bent slits and glue them underneath the brim edge of the hat.
Let the glue dry. Make a hole on either side of the hat, just above where the brim and cone connect. Put the elastic ends through the holes, and secure the ends with a knot. You can now decorate your hat, with crescent moons or whatever you wish.
If you want to create, a witch's hair effect attached to the hat. You can glue or tape shredded green crepe paper, or green dyed raffia to the back of the hat. It will hang down and look like straw hair. You can also attach shorter pieces, of the crepe or raffia, all along the inner brim sides and front. It will look like straw hair, dangling from the front or side.
You've now just saved some money making your black witch's hat. You can show it off at all the Halloween festive parties.
If you want a bigger brim, cut the outside of the brim bigger.
You can stick a fake spider unto your hat; it will make it look spooky.
Get creative with your designs; make your hat look as spooky as you want.


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