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How To Make A Bandana

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A bandana also spelt bandanna is a square shaped cloth, which is often used as a head or neck covering. The bandana has many other uses; it can be used as a handkerchief, for wiping off sweat from the face. It can also be tied over the nose and mouth so you don’t breathe in too much dust. Nowadays bandanas are used frequently as a fashion accessory or to hold the hair back. The bandana is usually made from cotton and comes in many colours. The paisley print design is the most common design. But if you want a bandana that is different, you can easily make your own from any type of material.
What you'll need: 
Your chosen fabric
Tape measure
Safety pins
Sewing machines
Thread and needle (optional)
Iron (optional)
Measure out from your chosen fabric 22 inch by 22 inch square with the measuring tape. Cut out the measured square from the fabric.
Lay the square fabric flat with the wrong side facing you. Fold over a ¼ inch of the rough edges and tuck in the frayed edges and pin it down. Do this all the way round for each edge of the square fabric.
After pining down the edges you can use the iron to flatten out the pinned edges. This can will neaten the edges and make it easier to sew as well.
Use the sewing machine or needle and thread to sew the pinned edges. This will create a hem for your bandana.
Your bandana is now ready to be used.
As you can see the making of a bandana is really easy and isn’t time consuming. Make more than one bandana because friends and family will ask you to make them one after seeing the bandana you made. The made bandanas can double up as Christmas or birthday gifts.
You can make the bandana size bigger or much smaller for a child’s head size.
You can make your bandana out of different coloured scrap material to create a multi-coloured bandana.
You can sew the whole bandana with just needle and thread.
If your bandana fabric is plain, you can decorate it with fabric paint or pens.


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