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How to Make an Apple Martini

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The Apple Martini is one of the new breed of fruit 'Martini's' which began with the now-famous Cosmopolitan. Though frequently made with a variety of violent-green liqueurs, an Apple Martini can be a sophisticated and highly enjoyable cocktail.
What you'll need: 
Boston shaker
Mixing glass
Cubed ice
Apple Schnapps
Apple purée
Fresh lime
Cinnamon (optional)
Apple wedges to garnish
Fill a Martini glass with crushed ice and water before placing it in the fridge.
Into an ice-filled mixing glass pour 50ml/1.5oz of premium-quality vodka, 25ml/.75oz of apple schnapps, a small squirt of fresh apple purée, cinnamon and the juice of half a fresh lime.
Seal tightly with the Boston tin before shaking hard until the shaker tin frosts over.
Discard the ice and water from the Martini glass. Double strain the drink into the glass to ensure its clarity and viscosity.
Garnish with the apple wedges and serve!
When crafted properly the Apple Martini is a refreshing, well-balanced and moreish drink for any occasion.
Choose the best vodka you can afford. Finlandia, Wyborowa and Skyy are good options.
Ensure that both the lime juice and apple purée are as fresh as possible.
Cinnamon isn't to everyone's taste so check others' preferences when making Apple Martinis.


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