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How To Make And Apply Henna For A Temporary Tattoo

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Henna has been used for many centuries in several parts of the world. It’s used mainly to decorate the body for celebrations and festivals in many cultures. Many people today use henna as another option for a tattoo design that’s temporary. The use of henna in artistic form is called mehndi in India. But the art of mehndi is now referred to as henna. The mixing of the henna paste is done to your own personal choice. It depends on how light or dark you want the henna to be on your skin. Below is a basic henna mix that you can adapt.
What you'll need: 
Henna powder
Lemon juice
Coffee or tea (optional)
Essential oil
Small bowl
Tube applicator
Damp tissue
Put some henna powder in the bowl and mix with the tea or coffee and lemon juice. Add the liquids a bit at a time until are there no lumps, it should end up like a toothpaste texture.
Cover bowl with cling film and keep in a warm place but away from sunlight. Let the henna settle for at least 6 hours or overnight. This will allow the henna to bring out its dye and it will stain deeply.
After six hours or more hours the henna is ready to be used. You can add more oil or lemon if you need to before using. Transfer the mixed henna paste into the tube applicator.
Make sure area to be decorated is clean. Hold the henna applicator tip close to your skin and slowly squeeze. Apply as if you’re piping a cake. Create rounded decorative designs, the thicker you make the lines the darker they will be.
If you make a mistake, wipe it off with the damp cloth straight away. When you’ve finished designing, leave the henna on for at least 6 hours. The longer you leave henna on the deeper the colour will be.
After 6 hours it will dry and start to flake. Carefully take off the dry henna with your fingernail. Try not to wash your henna tattoo for at least a day. Once the henna paste is removed, your henna tattoo will look orange at first and will then turn to a reddish or brownish colour. You can apply the essential oil over the tattoo design.
The above is a basic paste you can vary. You can use a henna starter kit until you are confident with mixing your own henna paste. You can buy henna kits or powder from herbal shops or online sites. If you use pre-mixed henna, the design will last roughly 5 – 12 days. If you make your own henna, it will last roughly 10 – 20 days depending on how long you kept the henna on for. Have fun with henna body painting and show off your designs.
If you want the henna to be darker you can add clover oil to henna paste.
You can use stencils to do your designs or transfer paper designs. Just cover transfer design on skin with your henna paste. It will give you a professional henna design look.
You can add body glitter on and around the henna paste design. It will stick to the henna design until you remove it.
You can have a henna party with friends and practice designing on each other.
Never use henna that has no ingredients listed on package.
Don’t use anything called black henna. It’s not natural henna and has chemicals added in it that can cause serious skin damage. If you want a black design use Jagua gel instead. It’s a safe natural black temporary tattoo alternative.


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