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How to lay a table for a meal

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If you are inviting people to your house for dinner, you may want to lay the table in a manner which you know is 'correct'.
What you'll need: 
For each person:
Dinner knife and fork
Dessert spoon and fork
Knife, fork, spoon for starter
Side plates
A clean and well ironed table cloth is the beginning of a perfectly set table. Lay it on the table ensuring that it is in the middle.
Arrange the placemats on the table, one for each person, with even spacing between each one
Take the main dinner knife and fork. Place the knife on the right and the fork on the left of the place mat.
If you are having a starter that requires a knife and fork or spoon and fork, place the knife or spoon to the right of the dinner knife and the fork to the left of the dinner fork.
Place the side plate to the left of the fork.
Place the dessert spoon and fork at right angles to the knife and fork. The spoon handle points to the right and the fork handle underneath pointing to the left.
Fold the napkin into a triangle and put on the place mat.
If you are having wine, place the wine glass to the right just above the knives.
A candle holder with candles may be placed in the centre of the table, or a floral arrangement.
A well laid out table is a welcome sight and will get your dinner party off to a good start.
If you are having soup to start, place the soup spoon to the right of the knives.


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