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How To Launch A Successful Business Without A Degree

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As tuition fees increase time to really question whether a degree makes you more employable when with hard work and following the key steps to success you can fast track and set up a business and avoid becoming a post grad dole statistic.
What you'll need: 
Develop an ability in sales – everything in business, and indeed life, comes from sales. In an interview, you have to sell yourself, and furthermore, the interviewer also has to sell the business to you. Sales enhances your numeracy and broadens your confidence. Your business plan should be 5 words long: “Get and keep more customers!”. Without customers you haven’t got a business, and by customers, I mean people who spend money. Realise that you have to sell. Yes, you will have to pick up the phone and ask for business, If you can’t do this, don’t start a business.
Avoid the big wide gate, look for the chink. Avoid overly saturated markets and concentrate on the niche and original which is always more often than not, EFFECTIVE.
Duplicate - You only have 24 hours in the day. If all of a sudden there were 2 of you, you could earn twice as much. If there were 200 of you, you could earn 200 times as much, and so on. Short of rapid advancement in genetic engineering, the only way to duplicate yourself is to hire staff.
Self-belief is an entrepreneur’s most precious commodity. Give yourself time.However know when to quit – if you’ve tried everything and it’s not getting any better, cut your losses and start again.
Start engineering your business so that it can be replicated…and run by individuals who follow the system.Think about how you can delegate responsibility and duplicate yourself. If you are only selling your time and no one else’s there is a real and quick limit to how much you can earn (you need to sleep sometime)
Never, ever spend a penny more than you need to. You don’t need a PA, receptionist, junior, nice furniture, an office, a company car or a photocopier. We work in a virtual modern world. Don't advertise, create a web page.
Realise that the only purpose your business has is to make money. Save the World once you’ve made some, in the meantime, leave “social enterprises” to charities and the government.
Read everything you can about people who have started businesses from nothing – preferably biographies and autobiographies – everything you need to know is contained within those pages


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