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How to keep squirrels off a bird feeder table

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At this time of year, when the weather is quite cold, some people's attention in the garden is turned to providing some extra food for the local wildlife, especially the local bird-life. Many birds will happily eat off a bird table or feeder, but so will the grey squirrel. What are the best methods of keeping the squirrel off the table or feeder so that the birds can eat the food instead?
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What you'll need: 
Cones or plastic bottles
Hose pipe
Vaseline or WD-40
The first and most important thing to do, is to position your bird table or feeder out of reach of a jumping squirrel. They are very good at jumping and, if they can, will climb something nearby and jump over to reach the food. So make sure that there is nothing, such as a branch or roof, nearby that they can jump from.
Once you have located your bird table, you will need to make sure the squirrel doesn't just climb up the stand or pole. Here are some things you can do: attach an down-turned cone or dome to the stand, you can make one by cutting the bottom off a large plastic bottle, you can also smear vaseline or WD-40 on the pole (the results of which you can see in the video) this makes it difficult for the squirrel to grip.
If you are hanging the feeder from a washing line, thread the line through a length of hose pipe either side of the feeder. You could also use two plastic bottles.
A cone tied to the string above a hanging feeder will make it difficult for the squirrel to get to it.
One last tip that some people use is to pour some chilli powder or pepper sauce on the bird food, apparently the birds don't notice it but the squirrels detest it. (I haven't tried this method)
The squirrels are persistent little creatures, so make sure you keep an eye on them incase they find a clever way to eat the bird food!
Some places do sell squirrel and pigeon proof feeders


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