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How to keep the extreme fitness rules

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Healthy weight lose begins with learning to smart about food choices you make, paying attention to what you eat and enjoying the overall support of a healthy diet and exercise regime. These rules will help burn your metabolism when intake is small and frequent.
What you'll need: 
A scale.
Food measure.
A good multivitamin
Gym membership
Daily fixed exercise regime
A log book for your daily calorie intake
Water, water and more water
A good frame of mind
Good, breathable and loose fitting workout clothes
Measure food uncooked, if possible. Portion size is the key!.
Drink a gallon of water everyday. Water is a fat burner.
Eat protein or carbohydrate. As your activity slows down towards the end of your day, your carbohydrate should come from fibrous sources. Keep food clean and not processed. If you can't kill it or it's not grown, do not eat it.
Eat small and frequent meals every 3 hours to keep your metabolism rate high. Do not skip meals.
The two most important times to eat are first thing in the morning within a half hour waking and 30 minutes after a workout, protein shakes are good for training.
Prepare your meals at home. No fruit after 4 pm, your body recognizes it as sugar. Do not consume more than 1500 mg of sodium a day. Remember artificial sweetners have dextrose, which is still sugar. It is not calorie free food, and it will metabolize to sugar.
Cardio should be done only in the fat burning zone. 220-age x 75-80%= target zone for fat burning. No more than 75mg of sugar per day.
Take a good multivitamin and minerals every morning, plus antioxidants.
Make sure you are resting. This is when you recover. If you do not, you will not achieve any results.
This is not a diet, this is a life time food plan. For best results, log all food eat during the day.
maintaining a healthy life style takes time, perseverance and determination to succeed. Even after lives hectic schedule on a daily basis, you must take the time to care for your self. It not only becomes a way of life but a conscious movement that should affect your family and friends alike while bringing out the inner beauty within use and keeps us younger for longer. Start today, no matter your age or weight. You can do it. ENJOY your life.
Set the same time everyday to exercise
If you can't jog, walk. It is as effective as jogging
Stop 2 bus-stops away from your home and walk
Keep that bottle of water handy, you will need it
Make sure all supplements are full of the necessary vitamins A-Z.
This article is for reference purposes only. Check with your Doctor before embarking on a new exercise regime


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