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How to join the library

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With a library, you can borrow books, typically 12 at a time for a period of three weeks - free. CDs and DVDs are also available for a small charge. Almost any book in print can be ordered for a small fee - around 50p. There is a library in every town and city and in some larger villages. Many libraries also offer a mobile library service to more rural locations.
What you'll need: 
Two of following as proof of identity:-
Driving Licence
Utility bill
Bank statement
Council tax statement
Email address - for notifications (optional)
You can join a library where you live, work or study. Go to the reception desk of the library and say you wish to join. You will fill in the application form and you will be asked for some id and proof of your address.
Fill in the application form and provided your id is in order, you will probably be given your library ticket there and then.
The librarian will tell you how many books you can borrow at a time and for how long. You will be given a leaflet to show opening hours and other important information.
You will also be given a login if you require it, which will enable you to search the library catalogue from home on the internet. You will be able to check the return date of your books, renew them and also reserve books, CDs and DVDs.
If you require any help to find a book or other publication, do ask the staff. They are usually delighted to be of assistance.
Once you have joined you have the books in your local library available to you as well as CDs and DVDs. Libraries are a wonderful resource and by using them, you are supporting the service and helping to protect them for the future.
If in doubt about anything, ask
Enjoy browsing amongst different types of books
Get a code to renew and order books online
Remember to return the books in time to avoid incurring a fine


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