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How to iron a shirt

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Ironing a shirt is satisfying job resulting in a beautifully pressed garment which is a pleasure to wear. It is not difficult and speed comes with experience, so it is best to proceed carefully and steadily to begin with.
What you'll need: 
A freshly washed and dried shirt, ideally still a little damp.
An ironing board.
A steam iron.
A water spray.
A hanger.
Set up your ironing board in a place near to an electric socket and where you will have space to move around.
Plug the iron into the socket and place it at the right hand side of the ironing board. Set it to the setting recommends on the label on your shirt. The setting will vary depending on whether your shirt is cotton, linen or polyester.
If your shirt is cotton or linen and very creased it is advisable to spray some water on it or just by sprinkling water from your fingers. Roll it up in a towel and leave for 5 minutes. This will make the shirt damp and easier to iron.
Start with the collar. Hold the shirt up with buttons facing you and lay the collar out flat on the ironing board. Iron the collar using a little pressure. Fold the collar over as it will be when worn and iron along the crease.
Next lay the left hand side of the shirt on the ironing board with the collar to the left. Iron the panel being careful around the top of the collar.
Pull the shirt towards you so the back of the shirt is now over the ironing board. Iron over the back of the shirt being careful as you reach up to the shoulders. Use the point of the iron to follow the shape of the shoulders and the collar.
Pull the shirt towards you again to iron the right hand side of the shirt. Use the point of the iron to work in between the buttons. Run the edge of the iron to the right of the buttons.
Iron the sleeves by placing each sleeve in turn along the ironing board ensuring the sleeve is folded along the seam. Spread out the cuff and iron across the whole cuff. Then iron along the sleeve up to the shoulder. Repeat on the other sleeve.
Finish off at the shoulders by slipping each shoulder over the narrow end of the ironing board and ensuring the shoulder area is crease free.
Hang on a hanger immediately and admire. If the shirt was a little damp leave hanging free for a couple of hours before placing in the wardrobe.
A freshly laundered and ironed shirt is a pleasure to wear. Enjoy!
Keep a spray bottle of water handy to spray on any stubborn creases.
Keep the iron moving, keeping it still may cause burning.
Ensure your iron is not too hot as this will scorch the fabric


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